Atonement Day of the Jews through my perspective

Yesterday Atonement day was finished, I thought you will like to read my perspective on this holiday, through Yoga and Ayurveda.


Today, Jews all over the world will fast until tomorrow evening, this special day is called Atonement day. It is also called Judgement day.

On this day, we Jews fast in order to be forgiven for the sins and unlawful deeds we committed throughout the year, whether by deed or by thought. I will try and give my interpretation to this day, with the knowledge of Yoga.

First, why fast?
When we fast, our stomach is empty initially, which in Yoga is a good way to concentrate. It helps one concentrate better, and even more, understand what is hunger and thirst, in initial stages one can understand the processes the body is coping with during the fast. When one is fasting the mind is getting calm. And don’t forget, one may concentrate on hunger itself 🙂.

Who are we asking forgiveness from?
Yes, true, we ask forgiveness from God. However, if one is looking at it properly, we are asking forgiveness from ourselves! We know exactly what we did, what faults we had committed, and how we treated others. So, we beg forgiveness from our selves (the closest to Brahman one may get).

So, you fast and that’s it?
Actually no. Forgiveness from God is the easier part, as God always forgives a true devotee. Asking forgiveness from one’s friends and family is regarded as higher, when comparing it to asking forgiveness from God.

In Ayurveda, we have a term called Prajnaparada. Prajnaparada is when one is committing an action against the intelligence and normal behaviour of the body (physically and mentally) and most important Nature. On Atonement day, I like to see it as a day to go thorough all these Prajnaparadas we created throughout the year, and ponder upon them. Understand what will bring us more closer to Nature, and of course out higher Nature – Brahman. It is a special day, as each one of us is looking into oneself, even the common man, who doesn’t even know about Yoga and meditation.

Lastly, I will ask forgiveness from all of you, if I did any wrong, whether by deed or thought. (And I am sure I did – I know 🙂 ).

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