Ghee – The Golden Elixir

“Ghee, says Charaka, the best of all unctuous substances, is the best substance to cure both Vata and Pitta. Cow’s ghee, which is sweet both before and after digestion and is cool, promotes memory, intelligence, the digestive fire, semen, ojas and fat. It removes toxicity from the system and cures insanity, consumption, chronic fever and lack of prosperity. Properly prepared, its potency increases a thousand-fold and it becomes efficacious in a thousand ways. Aged ghee is used to treat alcoholism, epilepsy, fainting consumption, insanity, toxic states, fevers and pain in the vagina, ear or head. Hundred-times-washed ghee is used externally only, for wound healing and to calm Pitta.”

Dr. Robert Svoboda.

“Ghee increases digestive fire and improves absorption and assimilation. It nourishes ojas, the subtle essence of all the body’s tissues, strengthens the brain and nervous system, and improves memory. It lubricates the connective tissue and makes body more flexible. Ghee carries herbs to all seven dhatus. It pacifices Pitta nad Vata and is okay for Kapha in moderation.”

Dr. Vasant Lad

As stated above, one can see the incredible benefits of Ghee. Ghee is also perfect for lubricating the intestines, especially the colon (site of Vata), good for heart diseases, and maintaining a good heart function, and can even reduce the risk of a heart disease. Ghee has A,D,E and K vitamins and butyric acid. Strengthening the immune system, and gives energy to the body.

I surely hope all of the above have made you consider adding Ghee to your diet, even if in minor amounts (Kapha for example).

May you all lead a healthy life!

(In the picture: Freshly made Ghee by me)


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