Haritaki – The magical herb!

Haritaki is one of the components of the very famous Ayurvedic formula called Triphala. Some of Haritaki’s characteristics.

Latin: Terminalia Chebula
Rasa: Pancharasa (has five tastes, All except Salty. Kshaya – main taste
Veerya: Ushna (Heating)
Vipak: Madhura (Sweet)
Gunas: Laghu (light), Ruksha (Dry)
Prabhava: Trisdoshahara (Good for all the 3 doshas)
Dhatu: Rasa, Majja(brain Tonic), Rakta, Mamsa, Meida, Aasthi, Shukra
Mala: Purisha (Laxative) , Mutra (Good for Dysuria)

External uses:

Prevents inflammation, useful in conjunctivitis, a decoction of Haritaki is useful in washing wounds and sores.

Internal uses:

One of the best herbs for the digestion tract. Deepan-Pachan, good for heartburn, constipation, lack of appetite, Gulma, piles, parasites, removing ama off the system and much more.

Good for the circulatory, respiratory, urinary systems and the skin.

It is considered as a Rasayana (promoting long-life).

Another names of this fruit are Shiva (Auspicious) and Vijaya (Victory).

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