The Hindu Concept of “God”

Read this to know better on Hindusim and Monotheism.

The Hindu perspective

Dharma2Monotheism or Polytheism (One God or many Gods)

Is Sanatan Dharma a Monotheist (believes in only one god) or a Polytheist (believes in many Gods) philosophy? This a common question/confusion regarding Sanatan Dharma, however the answer is: Sanatan Dharma is neither a monotheist philosophy nor a polytheist philosophy, it a is a MONIST Philosophy.


Monism is the philosophical view that a variety of existing things can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance. In Sanatan Dharma, this single reality or substance is called Brahman – not to be confused with Brahma (the Creator God) or Brahmin(the priest class). Brahman will be explained later in this article.

The Law of Karma and the concept of Reincarnation

Firstly, in order to understand the Hindu concept of God, it is very important to understand the Law of Karma (and in order to fully appreciate the Law of Karma, one…

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