Virrudha Ahara – Incompatible food combinations

In Ayurveda we look at food as build from 3 parts:
1. Rasa (taste), 2. Veerya (Potency) 3. Vipak (Post-digestive effect).
Some possess the Prabhava effect, which is an unexplained effect.

In Ayurveda, we try to combine foods which will have a positive effect on Agni (digestive Fire), and promote it rather than diminish it.
When poor food combining takes place, it will cause indigestion, fermentation, gas formation and putrefaction, if it takes place for a long time it may lead to toxemia, and disease. In general we want to have the same qualities of food when we combine those foods, for example: Bananas with milk will not be a good combination. Bananas and milk are both sweet by taste, however, Bananas have a sour vipak while milk has a sweet vipak, another difference is that milk is cooling by veerya and bananas are heating.

Some useful tips for knowing the right food combinations:
1. Eat fruit alone, and do not combine it with any other food.
2. Don’t eat raw and cooked food together at the same meal.
3. Eat fresh food, and not leftovers, never combine leftovers with fresh food.
4. Add spices to your food, to aid with digestion and with undesirable effects.
5. Don’t mix ghee and honey in the same ratio. 3>1 for ghee is the right combination.
6. Antidotes, like cardamom in coffee, helps in negating the bad effects.
7. Eat melons alone!

Always keep your Agni in its optimal state, that way even if once in a while you did a mistake with a food combination, you will still be able to handle it without much toxins forming.

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8 Responses to Virrudha Ahara – Incompatible food combinations

  1. good article but there are different opinions about intake of fruits and mixing with curd what is true

  2. Dr Muralikrishna says:

    Dear sir in ayurveda the viruddha ahara may be bcoz of
    1.guna virudha – usna shetha, laghu guru, snigda ruksha and many more
    2. Karma viruddha- ushna sheeta , rukshana snehana etc
    aldo matters in selecting the food . For example milk not to be mixed with salt and milk with a particular type of fish may cause leucoderma.
    posted by Dr murali krishna

  3. Dr Muralikrishna says:

    According to ayurveda curd should not be consumed daily and never during nights and not during hot seasons – (greeshma sharadh )otherwise may cause fever urticaria hyperacidity.
    Dr Muralikrishna
    Ayurveda Dhanvanthari
    Karnataka india

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  5. dr garina says:

    Hi,dis is garima.dis type of post really very useful n plz keep it up. We are waiting for some more posts,so everyone aware of ayurvedic remedies.

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