Mano Vaha Srotas – The channel for the Mind

This srotas is in charge of thinking, questioning and investigating, mental activity which is based upon past, present and future events, defining goals and targets, and expressing thoughts and emotions.

Mula: Ten important sensory pathways and heart, including Anahata Chakra.
Marga: The entire body.
Mukha: Sense organs and Marmani (Marma Points).

This srotas is divided into two systems, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. While normally we are using our conscious mind and it protects us from the unconscious mind, during meditation and hypnosis we make the unconscious mind awaken, and that is the way to deal with this system.
This srotas is very complex, and I will try and bring it to you in a better to remember type of explanation.

The mind is divided into 5 different states:
1. Mudhana (mad mind) – Deluded mind, rigid and hard to change.
2. Kshipta (Active) – Flies from Idea to idea, happens when Prana is agitated.
3. Vikshipta (Active-Non-active) – Lack of clarity and focus.
4. Ekagra (one-pointed) – Focused mind, solves problems easily.
5. Mukta (Liberated) – attentive, aware and blissful, meditative always.

Difference between Mudha and Mukta minds: Goals differ in those two types, while Mudha likes more mundane enjoyments like ses, power, prestige etc. the Mukta mind is more into liberation, profound and superior goals.

About Koshas

Reasons for problems:
– Fear, anger, sorrow.
– Confusion.
– Over-involvement in thoughts and emotions.
– Weakness of the body.
– Over-sensitivity to food or environment.
– Tri-dosha imbalance.

– Negative thinking.
– Hard making decisions.
– Concentration problems.
– Lack of understanding.
– Memory loss.
– No way in life.

– Alzheimer.
– Clinical depression.
– Schizophrenia.
– Epilepsy.
– Anxiety attacks.

Meditation, hypnosis and marma points’ therapy will show very good results when dealing with Mano vaha srotas problems and diseases. Being honest and removing all masks from our lives, living a true life is the first way to maintain good manas. The second learning meditation, self-inquiry and being disciplined about it. The last is to bring clarity to one’s relationships, with beings and non-beings, as well as one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and goals.

More on the chakras on my blog under Yoga.

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2 Responses to Mano Vaha Srotas – The channel for the Mind

  1. MzK says:

    This was an interesting introduction to mind srotas for me. Is there a graphic image of the mental srokas I could study?

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