Sweda Vaha Srotas – The Channel for Sweat

This srotas is in charge of keeping the normal temperature of the body, providing moisture, helping with absorbing vitamin D. It is also helping to expel toxins.

Mula: Sweat glands.
Marga: Sweat ducts.
Mukha: Pores of the skin, and the opening of the sweat glands under the skin.

When coming to examine this srotas, we check the sweat glands, fat, subcutaneous glands, and the texture of the skin.
Sub-doshas present in this srotas: Kledaka Kapha, Pachaka Pitta, Ranjaka Pitta, Bhrajaka Pitta and Vyana Vata.

Sweat is a b-product of Meida Dhatu, and helps remove impurities from the plasma. Sweat and urine are connected, whenever one urinates in excess, one will perspire less. One can see this happening also in the seasons of the year, in the summer when one perspires more, one urinates less and vice versa in winter. Sweat is also connected with the blood pressure, when one perspires less, one’s blood pressure will be higher.

Reasons for Problems:
– Lack\excess water intake.
– Fat\oily\spicy food.
– Hydrophilic food.
– Lack\excess of physical exercise.
– Stress.
– Transition from Heat to Cold, and extreme cold.

– Dry Skin, rough skin and pilling off skin.
– Excessive perspiring.
– Fungi tendency.
– Feeling of burning\itching in underarms.
– Goose bumps.
– Strong odour of sweat.

– Psoriasis.
– Eczema.
– Dermatitis.
– Acne.
– Vitiligo.

This srotas is affected by exposure to the sun, working with hot temperatures, and eating excessive amounts of sugar and salt. Alcohol and spicy food also affect this srotas.
Emotions also affect this srotas, for example anger hate and jealousy by Pitta, anxiety, fear and insecurity by Vata.
Daily application of oil all over the body helps keeping this srotas balanced and relieves negative emotions. A warm shower after this procedure, will nourish one’s kidneys, skin and colon.

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