Rajah & Stanya Vaha Srotamsi

Rajah Vaha Srotas – The Channel for Menstruation

Rajah and Artava Vaha Srotas share the same structure (Mula, Marga and Mukha), however their functions and field of actions differ.
Artava vaha srotas primarily acts upon ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the fundus of the uterus.
Rajah vaha srotas is more connected to the fundus of the uterus, endometrium, cervical canal, and the vaginal passage.
Rajah vaha srotas is in charge of clearing the unfertilized ovum, and preparing the uterus for the next cycle. Whenever fertilization does not occur, the endometrium begins to bleed and shed, leading to the menstrual flow.

Rajah Vaha srotas matures at puberty. Rajah vaha srotas is a by-product of Rasa dhatu, after each menstruation it creates a new endometrial lining. The old lining along with the dead ova are washed away by Rajah vaha srotas.

Stanya Vaha Srotas
The channel carrying nutrients of lactating tissue is present in both breasts.

Mula: Lactiferous glands.
Marga: Lactiferous ducts.
Mukha: Nipples.

This channel becomes mature at the time of puberty, when the girl develops secondary sexual characteristics such as puberty hair, axillary hair, and development of breasts.
This srotas becomes active only after the delivery of a child. Within a couple of days after delivery, lactation begins.
Sub-doshas involved: Kledaka kapha, Vyana Vata, Prana Vata, Udana Vata.
Same as Rajah Vaha Srotas, this srotas is also a by-product of Rasa Dhatu. Menstruation stops once a mother is lactating, and resumes as soon as she stops.

Reasons for Problems:

– Heavy food.
– Over eating. Especially red meat and protein.
– Fat and oily food.
– Emotional stress.
– Caffeine, alcohol and drugs.
– Whatever affects Rasa Dhatu.
– Excess consumption of Sugar, salt and sour foods.
– Stale food.
– Processed food.

Symptoms and diseases:

– Under-developed breasts.
– Lack\Excess in lactation.
– Low quality mother’s milk.
– Abscess or tumour of the breasts, fungi, inflammation.
– Fibrocystic changes of the breasts.
– Mastitis.

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