Shukra & Artava Vaha Srotas

The channel carrying nutrients to the male reproductive tissue (sperm) is called Shukra vaha Srotas.

Mula: testicles and nipples.
Marga: Vas deferens, epididymis, prostate, urethra and the urinogenital tract.
Mukha: Urethral opening.

The channel carrying nutrients to the female reproductive tissue (ova) is called Artava Vaha Srotas.

Mula: Ovaries and areola of the nipples.
Marga: Fallopian tubes, uterus, cervical canal and Yoni (vaginal passage).
Mukha: Yoni Oshtha (the labia).

Sub-doshas related to these srotamsi are: Kledaka Kapha, Avalambaka Kapha, Prana Vata, Apana Vata and Ojas.

Copulating should be for reproductive reasons as well as pleasure according to Ayurveda. With it, over-indulgence in sex wastes too much Ojas and not good to health. After sex, one should not go straight to the shower and let Ojas which left the body through the sweat be reabsorbed.

Reasons for problems – Shukra:

– Stress. Leads to impotency in men and unwillingness to copulate in women.
– Malnutrition or excessive eating.
– Copulating during the wrong times of the day.
– Overindulgence in sex.
– Injury.
– Mental trauma. (Such as rape etc.)
– Stopping ejaculation.(one of the things which are forbidden in Ayurveda)
– Usage of drugs.
– Violent sex activity.
– Extra meditating.

Symptoms – Shukra:

– Impotency and sexual weakness, due to fear/anxiety/stress.
– Infertility.
– Lack of sexual urge.
– Low Ojas.
– Immature ejaculation/Painful ejaculation.
– Obesity (related to low Libido)
– Sperm in urine.
– Blood in sperm.
– Enlarged prostate.
– Fear regarding sex.

Diseases – Shukra:

– Sexual diseases. (gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes)
– Inflammation of the genitals.
– Problems with the prostate. (Enlargement, inflammation, tumor etc.)
– Infertility.

Reasons for Problems – Artava:

– Relations state.
– Copulating in wrong times.
– Over indulgence in sex.
– Genetics.
– Stress and worries.
– Sexual diseases.
– Anemia.
– Under/over weight.
– Abortions (whether natural or not).

Symptoms – Artava:

– PMS.
– Painful menstruation.
– Enlarged/painful breasts.
– Fibrocystic changes in ovaries/breasts.
– Low libido.
– Blocked Fallopian tubes.
– Extra excretions.
– Dryness of vagina.

Diseases – Artava:

– Sex diseases.
– Vaginitis.
– Endometriosis.
– Abortions which occur again and again.
– Painful penetration.
– Infertility.
– Blockage of Fallopian tubes.
– Uterine prolapse.
– Inflammation/swollen cervix. (cancer of cervix also)

When we want to check Shukra Vaha Srotas we will examine the sperm. By treating this channel we will be able to cure ailments related to infertility and so on. To check on Artava Vaha Srotas, Stanya(lactation) and Rajah(menstruation) should be examined. This I will discuss in the next posts. Remember Stanya and Rajah are both the byproducts of Rasa Dhatu.

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6 Responses to Shukra & Artava Vaha Srotas

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  2. Sapta dhatu in Purusha [ei.Male &Female both even Third gender also.Author has diecribed Sthula Shukara there is sukshma sukara also. After all shukra is in each & every cell of the body , like Ghee[Clerified butter] in milk and Suger{sweetness]in sugercane.Its best action is garbhoutpada other wise other actions also.By shukra produces the body by the logically we can concider GDH &other harmons also to start with in beginning develop a makeup . otherwise should not compere Ayurveda with Modern medicine because principals are differs .

  3. Eternal Radiance Ayurveda says:

    Thank you

  4. Dr. Raj Kannan says:

    Hi, could you provide a citation or quotation for the term fallopian tube in Artava Vaha Srotas, would please.

    • mahasadhu says:

      Dear Dr. Kannan, it might not be written exactly as Fallopian tube in Sushrut, Acharya Sushrut used different terminology than we do today. Do you disagree on Fallopian tube being a marga?

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