Majja Vaha Srotas – The Channel for Bone Marrow

The channel carrying nutrients to the bone marrow. Includes the PNS (Peripheral nervous system) and the CNS (Central nervous system).

Mula: Brain, Spinal cord and Joints.
Marga: Central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. (Autonomic)
Mukha: Synaptic space.

Sub-doshas relating to this srotas are: Ranjaka Pitta, Sadhaka Pitta, Kledaka Kapha, Avalambaka Kapha, Prana Vata, Vyana Vata. However, the major ones governing this srotas are: Prana Vata, Sadhaka Pitta and Tarpaka Kapha. All which relate to the brain and sensors function. White matter – Tarpaka Kapha, Gray matter – Sadhaka Pitta.

Majja Vaha Srotas also includes the brain, spinal cord, sensory and motor organs. Their major function is to bring communication.
This srotas is in charge of filling spaces in the bone, capability of displaying emotions, thoughts and opinion.

Reasons for problems:

– Malnutrition (leads to Vata aggravation).
– Virrudha Ahara (eating wrong combinations of food).
– Lack of sleep.
– Fractures.
– Over indulgence in Caffeine, Alcohol and drugs.
– Physical trauma especially skull and spinal cord.
– Suppressed emotions such as fear, worries, anger and criticism.
– Stress affects Majja tremendously.
– Extreme weather.
– High fever which leads to delusions.
– Exposure to radiation.
– Heavy metals.
– Bacterial\Viral inflammations.


– Dizziness.
– Lack of stability and equilibrium.
– Joints which are swollen, painful or not sensitive.
– Loss of memory. (long\short term)
– Burning\cold feet and hands.
– Lack of sleep.
– Fear or anxiety.
– Loss of feeling in organs.
– Trembling\tics\spasms.
– Ringing ears.
– Dark circles around the eyes.
– Talk disorder. (such as: stuttering)
– Sensitivity to noise. (means Vata is aggravated in Majja).


– Bell’s palsy
– Paralysis.
– Alzheimer.
– Multiple sclerosis.
– Aplastic Anemia.
– Parkinson.
– Sciatica.
– Osteomyelitis.
– Vertigo.

In order to treat ailmets in Majja Vaha Srotas, one of the best treatments is Marma point therapy. Basti over the lower back area will be beneficial as well. At large, we seek pacifying Vata which had been aggravated in Majja.


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