Asthi Vaha Srotas – The channel for Bone

The channel which carries nutrition to the bone tissue.

Mula: Pelvic girdle and Sacrum.
Marga: The skeletal system.
Mukha: Nails and Hair.

The sub-doshas related to this Srotas are Kledaka Kapha, Avalambaka Kapha, Shleshaka Kapha, Prana Vata, Apana Vata and Ranjaka Pitta. In charge of structure, stability, support and movement. Some bones are means of protection. The bones store minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Helps in cleaning toxins from the body and bones. The mukha (opening) of this srotas helps lots of toxins to get out.

Reasons for problems:

– Hurting the bones.
– Whatever increases Vata.
– Lack of minerals.
– Lack\excess intake of protein.
– Lack\excess of physical exercise.
– Hypothyroidism.
– Old age.
– Vata emotions: loneliness, insecurity, lack of stability.


– Cracking and popping and not flexible joints.
– Bones pain.
– Cracks.
– Extra bones.
– Nail problems.
– Excessive growth of hair (not natural).
– Hair loss.
– Teeth problems as well as receding gums.
– Over sensitivity to Cold and humidity.
– Back aches.
– Spinal cord problems.

Lots of things may assist this srotas to go out balance, menopause for example, eating a Vata diet such as raw vegetables and leftovers.
The bones are made of Earth and Air. The earth element helps to build the bone, the air element makes the bones fragile.

In order to examine Asthi vaha srotas, the practitioner will examine the nails and hair of the patient, as they are the waste products of this srotas and also its mukha (opening). If the bones become brittle so will the nails, and the patient will lose hair. Always examine the srotas and the dhatu to know the problem and to know how to treat the patient right, go in the deep level of the disease.

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