Meida Vaha Srotas: The channel of Fat

The channel in charge of carrying nutrients to the fat tissue.

Mula: Omentum and Adrenals.
Marga: Subcutaneous fat tissue.
Mukha: Sweat glands.

Sweat is a by-product of fat and also is included in this srotas. Avalambaka Kapha and Kledaka Kapha are associated with this srotas. This srotas is connected and rooted to adrenals and the kidneys (the adrenals sit on the kidneys). Adrenal cortex is in charge of fat metabolism. All anabolic steroids increase fat in the body. It is also associated with the omentum. Women normally have more meida than men. Meida gives a clear and pleasant voice, provides heat love and compassion.
In charge of oiling the body organs, keep nutrients and food. Insulates, performs synthesis of vitamins. In charge of healthy cholesterol (HDL), fills spaces, gives structure and shape.

Reasons for problems:

– Lack of physical exercise.
– Sleep during daytime.
– Consumption of heavy oily and cold food (whatever increase Kapha).
– Excess intake of Salt and simple calories.
– Excess consumption of alcohol.
– Emotional eating.
– Genetics.
– Eating a lot of hydrophilic foods.
– Lack of healthy fats in the diet.
– Excess intake of water.
– Intake of steroids for a long period of time.
– Stress (makes the adrenals work hard).
– Drugs.


– Obesity or being too thin.
– Pre-diabetes symptoms. (Such as, sticky sweat, being too thirsty, over-weight etc.)
– Coating on the teeth.
– Lack or over fat.
– Excess perspiring.
– Hypertension.
– Slow digestion.
– Oiliness of the scalp.
– High cholesterol and triglycerides.
– Excess thirst and appetite.
– Hypothyroidism.
– Shortness of breath.


– Fat tumors.
– Fatty liver.
– Diabetes.
– Hypertension.
– Cholesterol and triglycerides.
– Gallbladder stones.
– Exposure to heart attack.
– Fatty faeces.

Meida kshaya:

Being very thin, loss of voice, hard muscles, problems of sleep, too much Vata in the system, irregularity in monthly period, anxiety, fears, excreting sex hormones are all signs of Meida dhatu kshaya (lack of fat).

In order to check the fat we check the sweat, weight, cheeks, chin stomach and buttocks. Cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood test. This way we can know the state of this srotas.

In the picture added one can see the main places for meida in one’s body.


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