Mamsa Vaha Srotas

The channel which is in charge of carrying nutrients to the muscle tissue. Covers the bones and joints, supports the inner organs (Heart, lungs pancreas etc.), Defending the inner organs and enabling movement, strength, stamina, facial expressions and body heat.

Mula – Fascia. Between the muscles and nerves, a strong connection to Majja.
– 6 layers of the skin.
– Small tendons, superficial fascia (in sanskrit Snayu).
Marga – the muscle system.
Mukha – The pores of the skin.

Psychologically – Mamsa provides ambition and security. Boldness, firmness, success and the feel of responsibility.

Mamsa Sara
Firm, muscular, healthy muscle tonus, firm and healthy face and neck muscles. clear face and facial expressions, firm cheeks, strong hands and feet. stability and posture. lightness of body, cordination.

Reasons for problems

– Over\Under eating
– Lack\Over proteins
– Lack\Over sleep
– Lack\Over exercise
– Over indulging in hydrophilic foods
– Trauma\Accident
– Emotional stress
– Problems related to the liver
– Alcohol and drugs


– Pain, tics, spasms
– Hyper\Hypo tonia
– Tight muscles \ Loose muscles
– Abscess\ulcers
– Enlarged tonsils (Inflammation also)
– Enlarged uvula
– Polips, tumors
– Enlarged lymph glands
– Lack of strength, tiredness


– Bell’s-Palsy
– Mioma \ Fibroma
– Fibromyalgia
– Paralysis
– Piles
– Fibrocystic changes of the breast (women)
– Ovum tumors
– Diverticulosis
– Endometriosis

Marma points are extremely related to Mamsa, and helps very much in healing Mamsa derangements and Mamsa-related ailments.

Mamsa related ailments: TB, Cirrohsis, Tendonitis, MS.

Abhyanga is very helpful in treating Mamsa related issues as well as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guggul and other astringent, building and strength providing herbs.

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