Rakta Vaha Srotas – Channel of Blood

The second dhatu channel is Rakta (Blood), the channel in charge of carrying blood.

Moola: Liver and Spleen
Marga: Arterial Circulatory system.
Mukha: Arterial-venous junction.

This channel includes the RBC (Red Blood Cells), the heart, spleen, liver, bone marrow and arteries. In the fetus, the blood is formed through the spleen and liver. The moment the child takes his first breath, the liver and spleen change their function and the production takes place in the Bone-Marrow.

In charge mainly of providing Life, it is Ushna (hot) due to the hemoglobin, flows together with Rasa. Has a metal taste (like iron).

Other duties:
– Moving the oxygene and CO2
– Carries hormones and vitamins
– Body temperature regulation
– Blood clotting
– Taking waste out of the liver, kidneys, intestines
– Blood pressure
– Amount of blood

Rakta Sara:
– Redness of cheeks, hands, tongue and neck.
– Loving and giving
– Pinkish-Reddish nails
– Attractive eyes
– Gentle people, who do not tolerate a lot of sun.

Reasons causing problems:
– Spicy, Oily and Fried food
– Excess intake of sugar and salt
– Sour and fermented food
– Virrudha Ahar (incompatible food combining)
– Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
– Inflammation of any type
– Loss of blood
– Excess exposure to sun and radiation
– Lack of vitamin b12 and iron
– Suppressed emotions: anger, hatred, aggression
– Liver and Spleen diseases
– Trauma
– Bacteria (Krimi)

– Bleeding (Gums, Anus, nose, every type of bleeding)
– Skin inflammation, rashes
– Burning sensation
– Enlarged spleen and Liver
– Hair loss
– Anger, hatred, jealousy
– Lack of motivation
– Hemorrhage (internal)
– Craving for meat

– Skin problems – Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatits
– Acne
– Jaundice
– Menorrhea
– Rubella
– Liver and spleen inflammation
– Vitiligo
– Anemia
– Leucoderma
– Herpes
– Blood clots
– Appendicitis

Doshic Subtypes related to Rakta Vaha Srotas: Kledaka Kapha, Avalambka Kapha, Prana Vata, Vyana Vata, and Ranjaka Pitta.

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