Rasa Vaha Srotas

Rasa means juice, and that is exactly what Rasa vaha srotasa is, the juice of life. From Rasa all the rest of the Dhatus are getting nourished.
This system includes the lymphatic system and the plasma. Help with absorption of fats and minerals (through the lymph) and with regulating the blood pressure.

Mula: Right side of the heart, 10 grade vessels
Marga: Lymphatic system
Mukha: Capillary junctions

Reasons for problems:
– Overeating\ Eating heavy foods\ Emotional eating
– Oily fried food
– Eating leftovers or non-fresh food
– Eating wrong combinations of food
– Excessive eating of sweet, salty, fermented food an hydrophilic foods
– Stress, Worries, Anxiety
– Viruses and Bacteria (krimi)
– Ama
– Caffeine, Tobacco, drugs and medicine

– Weight loss
– Ringing in ears
– Anemia
– High\Low Blood Pressure
– Anxiety\ Lack of clarity
– Low Agni
– Weird taste in mouth (sweet\bitter)
– Nausea
– Bodily pains\ Heaviness
– Irregular heartbeats
– Cold hands and feet
– Low Libido
– Hair loss
– Goosebumps
– Lack of ambition and enthusiasm
– Dark spots under eyes
– Fever
– Edema
– PMS – heaviness, and retention of water

When Ama gets into Rasa, we will see general pain in the body, feeling heavy, coated tongue, lack of ambition and enthusiasm, the hair follicles hurts.

Rasa checkup:
– Skin: when the skin is smooth, full and without wrinkles, and clean. No moles, acne will be present.
– By pinching the skin: by measuring how long it takes the skin to go back, its elasticity.
– Lymph checkup.
– Pulse: regular\irregular.
– Healthy senses.
– Emotional state.
– In women: checking the menstrual cycle and lactation. (Both menstrual cycle and lactation are related to the Rasa dhatu).

Rasa vaha srotas is very important in carrying nutrients through the plasma to all parts of the body. Keeping Rasa vaha srotas healthy is crucial for healthy life.

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