Ambu\Udaka Vaha Srotas

Ambu (Or Udaka) Vaha Srotas are channels which carry water or regulate water metabolism. This srotas is in charge of the osmotic pressure of liquids in the body, balances the liquids in the body, and carries hormones, minerals, vitamins and oxygen. Also in charge of thermoregulation, and brings oiliness and anointing to the body and skin.

Mula: Kloman (Pancreas), soft palate, Choroid Plexus.
Marga: Sweat glands, Tongue and kidneys.
Mukha: Mucous membranes of the digestive tract, all of the membranes.

Reasons for problems:
– Over exposure to heat.
– Less\Over drinking of water.
– Over Perspiration.
– Chronic indigestion – due to Ama.
– Eating dry, pungent or sour foods.
– Long fast.
– Excessive use of Sugar\Salt.
– Consumption of drugs, alcohol or steroids.
– Diarrhea.
– Stress – extreme fear, anxiety and nervousness.

– Dehydration (Mouth, Tongue, Lips and throat).
– Excessive thirst.
– Weakness and fatigue.
– Body dryness.
– Lack or over urination.
– Diarrhea.

– Edemas.
– Diabetes.
– High skull pressure.
– Glaucoma.
– Diarreha.
– Hydrocephalus.

There is a connection to the lymphatic system of the body and all that is connected to the element Jala (Water element). We check this srtoas by the urine, sweat, water intake, examining the tongue , the skin and the eyes. We check whether the eyes, tongue or skin are dry, or too wet and oily. We cgheck the urine, by seeing its colour, its smell and whther it is clear or cloudy, and of course if there are any pains in the Mula area.

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