Anna Vaha Srotas

Anna Vaha Srotas is the channel which is in charge of the intake of food. Mainly constructed of the digestive tract, and absorbs nutrients through the food consumed.

Mula – Esophagus and Fundus
Marga – the digestive tract till the ileocecal valve (the beginning of the colon)
Mukha – Mouth

Anna Vaha Srotas is in charge of nourishing the body, influences hormones and nerves. The breathing has a huge influence on digestion and the saliva is a very important part of digestion (it is the first liquid to ‘work’ on the food and in charge of perceiving the right taste and sending a message to the brain to secrete the proper acid in the stomach).

Reasons for ailments:
– Consuming large amounts of food (more than the body can handle).
– Incompatible combinations of food (Virrudha-Ahar).
– Eating at the wrong times.
– Emotional eating.
– Imbalanced Agni.
– Diet which aggravate one Dosha.
– Consuming Coffee, Tea, Tobacco and stimulating drinks. (Drugs).
– Heavy foods. (Milk and its products, Meat and large intakes of sugar).
– Lack or too much of physical exercise.

– Lack of appetite.
– Lack of taste or a weird taste in the mouth.
– Gastroenteritis.
– Vomiting, heartburns, nausea.
– Pain in the abdomen.
– Acidity or feeling heat in the stomach area.
– Diarrhea or constipation.
– Blood low sugar levels.
– Gases with strong odour.
– Belching.
– Large amounts of saliva.
– Covering on the tongue.
– Cheeks tend to be darker.

– Peptic ulcer.
– Heartburn.
– Celiac.
– IBS.
– Crohn’s.
– Stomatitis.
– Glossitis.
– Gingivitis.

Please note that in order to treat problems in the Anna Vaha srotas, some factors must be considered. First one is the agni (the digestive fire), second is the breathing patterns, and the third is having a proper diet at constant times (not munching between meals). Once the Anna Vaha Srotas is working correctly, all nutrients will be absorbed efficiently, and the body will function correctly.

This medical exhibit pictures the anatomy of the abdominal organs of the digestive system from an anterior (front) cut-away view. Labeled structures include the liver, stomach, transverse colon, jejunum, ileum, appendix, ascending colon, ileocecal valve, cecum, descending colon and rectum.


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