Thoughts about our generation

When my friend Leah asked me to write my thoughts on our generation, and its mentality I knew i will take it to the way which speaks to me, Spirituality.

I add here the text i wrote, many thanks to my friend Meira from helping me with editing it.

Our generation through my humble eyes
In my opinion, our generation is only continuing the inheritance it got from previous generations. Throughout history, the one thing we all been looking for is happiness! Health and wealth have simply been means to achieve happiness. Lots of things around the globe influence us during our generation, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic crisis and many other events. We, as individuals let these events affect our happiness, and in my opinion we need to focus on something else, in order to get the happiness we are looking for so desperately. The key to this happiness is one. Finding out our true nature! Finding out who we really are! Unless we know that, all the other things are meaningless. I had come to this conclusion after I went to study Yoga and Ayurveda, two systems of ancient India. In Yoga, we search for our true self through meditation, specific poses and practices, while in Ayurveda we focus on healing the body so we can give a healthy ‘dwelling place’ for the true self.
One of the methods of finding the true self is ‘to go’ inside, to find what is happening in the depth of our minds. In order to do it, we try and take the awareness inside, rather than outside. Our generation is very much the opposite; we tend to take the awareness outside! All the new devices which carry our attention onto the outside (iPhones, iPads etc.) do this. We tend to jump from one idea to the next and too often we become unfocused. Of course the events occurring in the world can be to blame, but as I usually say: “if you find something wrong around you, first check yourself”. And we must check ourselves; we need to start looking for the true self, which unfortunately we aren’t taught to do in school.
Another thing I would like to add concerns time. In today’s world we do not have time for anything, we can’t wait, and we have no patience. In medicine a patient is called so, because patience is a characteristic he must hold in order to be cured. We are looking for instant information, instant meals, and instant life! We need to understand that is not the right way to live our lives, and patience always pays off in the long run.
Lots of these happenings and even things that had happened in the past had influenced me in taking the path of Spirituality, Yoga and Ayurveda. Each one of us may have a different choice, but we will all go through a path towards happiness. I will end just the way I had started, happiness is our all human destination, and may we all reach it soon!

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4 Responses to Thoughts about our generation

  1. jojolatham77 says:

    Great Yossi, I completely agree with everything you say, whilst kicking myself for not doing yoga for a while! Wouldn’t it be amazing if all Children were taught in school to find their true selves?! I’m a great advocate for yoga being mandatory in all schools… I believe one day we will all be one, without our iphones/pads 🙂

    • mahasadhu says:

      I believe so too, slowly we do progress and giving importance to more important things in life. As I told you before, don’t kick yourself for not practising yoga, rather learn from it, look into your self and try to find out why didn’t you practice. Laziness? Or lack if time? You will find many new things about yourself, I guarantee it

  2. Aili says:

    I agree that people today have been seeking fulfilment outside themselves in a way that isn’t working, and I believe that more and more people will start seeking fulfilment within as soon as they get a glimpse of how much more meaningful and satisfying that can be. The challenge will be making it a priority and staying on the path with all the demands and distractions of day-to-day life…
    One thing that’s interesting for me to notice is that after my first yoga teacher training, I felt like I needed to dedicate a lot of time to yoga and meditation in order to get the result I wanted in terms of feeling connected, centred and calm. Now I’m taking a Kundalini yoga teacher training course, and they describe it as ‘yoga for householders,’ meaning it’s for people who have busy lives, so the practices are designed to be effective without being really time-consuming. I think people will start looking for practices like this that they can easily fit into their lives.

    • mahasadhu says:

      I agree with you dear Aili, I will add that not only Yoga and Meditation are means to achieve this happiness, some say religion itself makes its followers more happy. Maybe because they are believing in one force or higher being, believing makes us more happy! Once people will realise that, the situation and going to look for such happiness will be much easier.

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