Srotamsi In Ayurveda

A Srotas is a channel, which nutrients, tissues or wastes move in. Proper flow in the srotas is what we call Health. Any disturbance to the flow in the Srotas, as blockage, deficient or excessive flow, and out of channel flow is a disease state.
In Ayurveda we have 14 main Srotamsi. The first three, are in charge of intake in to the system (Prana, Anna-food, Ambu/Udaka-liquids), the next seven are corresponding to the seven tissues (Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meida, Asthi, Majja, Shukra), the last three are in charge of outtake from the system (Sveda-sweat, Purisha-feces, Mutra-urine), the last one is in charge of the mental system (Manas-mind). In the female we have got two more systems, Artava and Sthanya, which in charge of menstrual fluid and breast milk respectively.

1. Prana Vaha Srota
2. Anna Vaha Srota
3. Ambu Vaha Srota (some called it Udaka Vaha Srota)
4. Rasa Vaha Srota
5. Rakta Vaha Srota
6. Mamsa Vaha Srota
7. Meida Vaha Srota
8. Asthi Vaha Srota
9. Majja Vaha Srota
10. Shukra Vaha Srota
11. Sveda Vaha Srota
12. Purisha Vaha Srota
13. Mutra Vaha Srota
14. Mano Vaha Srota

Female only:
15. Artva Vaha Srota
16. Sthanya Vaha Srota

In the next posts, I will go and explain each srotas by itself. As an introductory, each srotas is made of Mula (root), Marga (way or path) and Mukha (opening), which helps us to diagnose more effectively and give a better treatment.

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