Shukra Dhatu – Reproductive Tissue

The seventh tissue of Ayurveda, the reproductive tissue.

The most compact of all tissues, Shukra refers to Sperm and Ovum in Male and Female respectively.

Mula Sthana – Two schools:
Charaka – Testicles and Penis.
Shusruta – Male – Testicles.
Female – Breast.

Time for creation – 30 days since eating.
Amount – 0.5 Anajli.

Ojas are made of Shukra Dhatu, and that is why Celibacy (Brahmachariya) is so important to Yogis and practitioners of spirituality. Ojas are the immune system, they are what keeps one healthy and strongly resistant against disease.

Shukra possess all the qualities, doshas, attributes, just as the seed of a tree contains whatever the tree will become eventually.
Shukra is in charge of fertilityboth on the cellular level as well as the physical level.

Shukra should be optimal in order to have strong immunity, and to have a great vigor in the physical body.

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