Majja Dhatu – The Bone Marrow Tissue

Majja the sixth tissue in Ayurveda corresponds to the Bone-marrow and the nerve tissue.
This tissue resides inside the bone spaces.

Mula Sthana – Bones and Joints.
Upa Dhatu – None.
Mala – Fatty secretion of the eyes. (Akashi Sneha).
Amount – 1.5 Anjali.

The nerve system is a wonderful system, it is in charge of perceiving signals from the outside, as well as internal and external stimulus, transferring them to the brain, processing them and reacting to them. In charge of communication in the body.

Majja Duties
– Bone nourishment.
– Providing body strength.
– Brain and nerve system duties.
– In charge of the mental state as well as emotional state.

Majja Sara
– Short people.
– Lots of strength.
– Oily skin.
– Voice – low and exciting.
– Prone to over-weight.
– Large joints.
– Intelligent.
– Successful.

Majja Vrridhi
– Heaviness of the body.
– Heavy eyes, over-sleeping.

– Avoid fatty foods.
– Avoid nuts (as they are very oily).

Majja Kshaya
– Weak bones.
– Osteoporosis.
– Lack of sperm fuid.
– Pain of the bone.
– Dizziness.
– Frustration.
– Insomnia.
– Parkinson.

– Eating bone-marrow.
– Walnuts.
– Ghee.

Majja is getting affected by wrong diet, trauma and accidents, hectic lifestyle, emotional stress, suppression(of emotions and any other), insomnia, alcohol, Marijuana, tobacco and other drugs.

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