Asthi Dhatu – the Bone Tissue

The fifth of Ayurvedic tissues is Asthi, the Bone tissue.

Mula sthana – Meida Dhatu and Pelvic bones.

Upa Dhatu – Danta – teeth.
Mala – Kesha – hair, body hair and eye-lashes.

Time for creation – 21 days since eating.

Very hard tissue, mostly composed of the earth element.
Asthi is in charge of supporting and giving structure to the body, protecting the body, and connecting bone to a muscle.

Asthi sara
– Large Joints.
– Cheek bones high and big.
– Good state of teeth and nails.
– Tall.
– Active.

Asthi Vrridhi
– Asthi danta, a tooth growing in a different tooth’s place.
– Asthi asthi, a bone is growing on a nother bone.

– Avoid if not causing trouble.
– Surgery.

Asthi Kshaya
– Hair loss.
– Lack of body hair.
– Loss of eye-lashes.
– Weakness.
– Easily broken nails.
– Sensitive teeth.

– Animal’s bone powder.
– Calcium.
– Daily massage with Sesame or Flower seed oil.
– Drink ‘bone-boiled’ water.

Causes of problems in Asthi dhatu – dry food and salads, lots of Vata diet, consuming less\excess proteins, wrong body posture, physical activity – less\excess, accidents, and more.

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