Meida Dhatu – The Fat Tissue

The fourth tissue according to Ayurveda is Meida Dhatu – the fat tissue.

Mula Sthana – Omentum, Suprarenal glands (Adrenal glands).
Upa-Dhatu – Snayu (the thicker and denser of the deep fasciae that cover, invest, and form the terminations and attachments of various muscles and differ from tendons in being broad, flat, and thin).
Mala – Sweda (sweat).
Time for creation – 16 days since eating.
Amount – 2 Anjali.

Meida dhatu is in charge of lubricating the body, protecting it, helping with lubrication of movement and protecting the skin from drying. The fat tissue must not be thought in a negative way, it is important for all the reasons above. The adrenal glands has two major roles, one to help in releasing Cortizole into the digestive system to help with digestion, and the second to give adrenaline in at a stress time.

Meida Sara

– Smooth and soft skin.
– Soft and pleasant voice.
– Do not tolerate sportive activities.
– Happy.
– Enjoy life.
– Big and massive body.
– Profuse sweating.
– Delicate behavior, generous, simple.

Meida Vrridhi

– Over fat in the body.
– Fat in lips, thighs and waist.
– Large stomach.
– Difficulty while moving.
– Body odour.
– Cough.
– Salivation.
– Email on teeth.

Causes for Meida Vrridhi – eating a lot of sugars and simple carbohydrates, large consumption of salt, profuse use of dairy products, cold drinks, eating meat on a daily basis, fried or oily food, lack of good fats, incompatible food, emotional eating, stress, lazy lifestyle, sleep during the day, over or lack of activity.


– Vamana (vomiting therapy)
– Plants with a drying quality.
– Physical exercise.
– Normally follow the Kapha treatment.

Meida Kshaya

– Lack of elasticity of the joints.
– A very small stomach.
– Dryness in the body.
– Lack of sweat.
– Bodily hair – hard and easily breaking.
– Difficulty in digestion.
– Craving towards fatty meat.
– Trembling after passing urine.


– Animal fat, or animal products fat.
– Ghee or oil.
– Avoid physical exercise.
– Daily massage.
– Milk and its products.

Information- Dr. Vasant Lad.

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