Mamsa Dhatu – Muscle Tissue

Mamsa, or as pronounced in Sanskrit Mansa (Nasal M), is the third tissue in Ayurveda, the muscle tissue.

Mula Sthana – Skin and sinews.

Upa Dhatus – Skin, Vasa – A layer of fat under the skin.

Mala – Khamada – External pathways (Eyes, Ears, Nose) discharges.

Time for creation – 11 days since eating.

Mamsa dhatu is in charge of covering the body’s organs and give strength.
By Ayurveda there are 4 types of muscles:

1. Pratana – Rectus muscles.
2. Prathu – Round muscles.
3. Kasandara – Sinews.
4. Sushira – with the ability to flex and relax.

The skin (Upa-Dhatu)

In addition to covering the body and protecting the internal organs, the skin is in charge of temperature and complexion with help from Bhrajaka Pitta (which in addition, in charge of the sense of touch along with Vyana Vata).

Charka describes six layers of skin, in contrary Sushruta describes seven layers. Both described diseases for each layer, and its treatment.

Mamsa Dhatu Sara
– Stable Joints.
– Solid and Dense look.
– Forgiving person.
– Relaxation and steadiness of mind.
– Straight-Forwardness.
– Long-life.
– Patience, happiness, and giving nature.

Mamsa Dhatu Vriddhi
– Lips, cheeks, arms and chest – extremely large.
– Difficulty in movement.
– Heaviness in the body.
– Benign tumours.

– Fasting.
– Stop of exercise.
– Light diet, without meat or heavy foods.

Mamsa Dhatu Kshaya
– Tiny waist.
– Sunken cheeks.
– Lips, chest, legs and arms – small and dry.
– Very painful movement.
– Craving towards meat.
– Joint pain.
– Exhaustion.

– Exercise.
– Cooked meat.
– Wheat.
– Lentils.
– Nuts.
– Meat of meat-eating animals.

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