Sapta Dhatu – the Seven Tissues

According to Ayurveda, the body is constituted by seven tissues (or Dhatu in Sanskrit).

Sapta – seven , Dhatu – Tissue

The seven Dhatus:
1. Rasa – Plasma
2. Rakta – Blood Tissue
3. Mamsa – Muscle Tissue
4. Meida – Adipose Tissue, Fat
5. Asthi – Bone Tissue
6. Majja – Bone Marrow, Nerve Tissue
7. Shukra – Semen, Reproductive Tissue

In Ayurveda there are 3 theories on the way tissues are nourished:

1. The pigeons’ theory (Khale Kapote Nyaga) – Food is taken, then each tissue takes its own nutrients from the food, like pigeons taking each seed from a bunch of seeds thrown to them.

2. Milk to Ghee (Kshira Dadhi Nyaga) – In this theory, each tissue is nourished from the previous tissue, same as milk turn into curd, then to butter and finally to ghee.

3. Water ducts theory (Kedar Kullay) – just as the water flows from a pipe to the field, and each time another row is given water, same works for the tissues.

Most of Ayurvedic scholars are regarding the second theory as the most acceptable, but the whole three are right, and considered from time to time.

In each tissue we have 3 different states:

1. Dhatu Sara – when the tissue is in optimal quality and state.
2. Dhatu Kshaya – when the tissue’s quality is lacking.
3. Dhatu Vrridhi – when the tissue’s quality is exceeded.

In the next post I will go deeper into each tissue, and explain their qualities, symptoms and treatment if available.

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