Pitta Dosha sub-Doshas

Every Dosha is devided into five sub-Doshas.

Pitta = Fire+Water

1. Pachaka Pitta
The fire which digests things. I is located in the small intestine and governs the power of digestion, absorption and assimilation. It is the basis and support of the other forms of Pitta, and it is the first consideration in the treatment of Pitta, as our primary source of heat is the digestive fire.

2. Ranjaka Pitta
The fire that imparts color. It is located in the liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine, and gives color to the blood, bile and stool. It is primarily resides in the blood and is involved in most liver disorders. It is involved in the creation of red blood cells (RBC), so a dysfunction of Ranjaka may cause anemia.

3. Sadhaka Pitta
The fire that determines what is truth or reality. It is located in the brain and heart and allows us to accomplish the goals of the intellect, intelligence or ego, appreciation, self-esteem, confidence and courage. These include worldly goals of pleasure, wealth and prestige and the spiritual goal of liberation. It governs our mental energy, mental digestion (the digestion of ideas or beliefs) and our power of discrimination. Its development is emphasized in Yoga, particularly the Yoga of Knowledge.

4. Alochaka Pitta
The fire that governs vision perception. It is located in the eyes and is responsible for the reception and digestion of light from the external world. It aids the acuity of the other senses as well.

5. Bhrajaka Pitta
The fire that governs luster or complexion. It is located in the skin and maintains the complexion and color of skin. When aggravated, for example, it causes skin rashes or discoloration. It governs the digestion of warmth or heat, which we experience through the skin.

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