Characteristics of Vata Dosha

* The description given below, is specific to the Dosha which is discussed. No individual constitution is made up from one Dosha alone.

– Physically under-developed.
– Flat chests.
– Veins and muscles tendons visible.
– Skin complexion is brown and cold, rough, dry and cracked.
– Usually either too tall or too short.
– Usually there are few moles present which tend to be dark.
– Thin frames which show prominent joints, bone-ends, because of poor muscle development.
– Hair is curly and scanty.
– Thin eye-lashes.
– Eyes may be sunken, small, dry, active and conjunctiva is dry and muddy.
– Nails are rough and brittle.
– Shape of the nose is bent and turned up.

Physiologically – Appetite and digestion are variable.
Vata people crave Sweet, Sour and Salty tastes and hot drinks.

Excretions – Urine – is scanty.
Feces – are dry, hard and in small quantity.
Sweat – tend to perspire less than other constitutions.
Sleep – disturbed and less than other constitutions.
Hands and feet are often cold.
Vata people are creative, active, alert and restless, they talk fast and walk fast but easily fatigued.

Psychologically – short memory but quick mental understanding.
– They understand something immediately, but soon forget all.
– Little will power.
– Tend to mental instability.
– Possess little tolerance, boldness and confidence.
– Earn money quickly, but spend quickly as well.
– Nervous, fearful, afflicted by much anxiety.

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