Characteristics of Kapha Dosha

* The description given below, is specific to the Dosha which is discussed. No individual constitution is made up from one Dosha alone.

– Well developed body.
– Normally excess in weight.
– Chests expanded and broad.
– No veins or tendons visible, because of the thick skin and good muscle development.
– Bones are not prominent.
– Complexion fair and bright.

Skin – soft, lustrous, oily, cold and pale.
Hair – thick, dark, soft and wavy.
Eyes – dense black or blue.
White of the eye, normally very white larger and attractive. No tend to redness.

Physiologically – regular appetite.
– Digestion is slowly – less intake of food.
– Moving slowly people.
– Craving towards Pungent, Bitter and Astringent tastes.

Excretions – Urine – normally moderate, sometimes scanty.
Feces – soft and pale in color, slow evacuation.
Sweat – moderate.
Sleep – sound and prolonged.
Strong vital capacity – Good stamina.
Generally healthy, happy and peaceful.

Psychologically – tend to be tolerant, calm, forgiving and loving.
– Exhibits traits of greed, attachment, envy and possessiveness.
– Comprehension is slow but definite – once they know something, that knowledge is retained.
– Make money easy and good in holding on to it.

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11 Responses to Characteristics of Kapha Dosha

  1. Hey I am a Kapha and I am black. What is the deal with the complexion being fair and bright.

    • mahasadhu says:

      First, all of us are combined of all the three Doshas. Normally two Doshas are the major ones, and from those two, one is predominant. So, my advice is to look at your body as a complex and not by specific characteristics. White is the colour connected to Kapha, Red to Pitta, and grey-black to Vata. That is why normally Kapha predomint person will have a fair and bright complexion.

      • right. I am over 90 percent Kapha. I have over 90 percent Kapha qualities. White may be the color for Kapha, I dont see how that would necessarily translate into a bright and fair complexion. I mean Pitta is red but do Pitta people have a red complexion. Just following your logic.

      • mahasadhu says:

        Normally yes, Pitta persons will tend to redness more than others. Yellow is another colour connected with Pitta, so normally you will see Pitta persons with tendency to red and yellow, for example yellowish eyes is a Pitta disorder. Redness of the eyes is a Pitta disorder as well.

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  4. Erika says:

    First, you have to see the “colours” of your complexion in your ethnical context. You cannot say that Kapha has to have a fair complexion. Perhaps your complexion is a bit brighter than most of the people from your ethnical background.

    Second, these colours refer more to illnesses which may occur, e.g. bright mucus form a Kapha disorder, more yellowish mucus from a Pitta disorder.

    Third, we are never “90% Kapha”, cannot be. Everyone combines all three doshas. If she/he would have just 10% of the Pitta and Vata elements, she/he had the greatest health problems. You always need and have a combination the stableness of Kapha, the lightness of Vata and the fire of Pitta. Perhaps your 90% Kapha refers to your momentary health status (Vikiriti). That might be. But never to your Prakriti.

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