Ayurveda Basics

According to Ayurvedic philosphy, we see the universe as being made of five gross elements, or Pancha Maha Bhuta.
Pancha – five, Maha – Gross or big, Bhuta – Element.

First there was the Lord, then was created Space (as a meaning to place – not outer space), as we need space in order to have something inside,
then came the Air, and filled the space,
after Air, and its movement in Space, the friction from Air’s movement created Fire,
Fire started melting the air and created Water,
Water came down and became stabilized as Earth.

The five senses also connected to the five gross elements:
Space – Hearing
Air – Touch
Fire – Sight
Water – Taste
Earth – Smell

The elements and their correspondence to the Doshas and tastes are in the text attached,

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Ayurveda basics

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