Swami Sivananda on Maha Shivaratri

On this auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri, I encourage you all to read this short stories by Gurudev Swami Sivananda Swaraswati.

Maha Shivratri

and this: Lord Shiva and his Lilas 

Maha Shivaratri is celebrating the night of Shiva and Parvaati getting married, it is a night were Shiva visits Earth and his devotees. Devotees obtaining fast, staying vigil throughout the night, meditating and chanting Om Namah Shivaya!

Har Har Mahadev!


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Lessons from the Yoga mat

Everyone knows the benefits of Yoga, to body, breath and mind and spiritual advancement. Every yoga practitioner works on his own vinyasa (set of Asanas), that he established through the years. Today, I wish to share with you an insight I had on the mat during my morning practice. Usually, I have my own vinyasa which I build through the years, with help of my Yoga teacher Bhoomaji Chaitanya, and my own choices and of course with my level of advancement.I do add some asanas to make the practice fun and not simply a routine to be followed. However, today, I noticed I do not tend to go and perform the balancing asanas (e.g Natarajasana, Eka Padasana etc.). When I did try to work on balancing asanas, I noticed it is rather difficult for me, comparing to the rest of my practice.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati says balancing asanas develop the functions of the cerebellum (the brain centre that controls how the body works in motion). So one can clearly see how Yoga and daily life is connected. Another insight by Swami Satyananda: “The focus required to perform these asanas with steadiness develops concentration and balance at the emotional, mental and psychic levels, removing stress and anxiety”.

Now on a personal note, lately I feel myself a bit stuck in life. I came back from India almost 6 months ago, after meeting doctors and yogis and learning their ways of treating people. I hoped to come back home and to start practising it for the benefit of all. However, as you may guess, it didn’t actually work out the way I wished. I know deep inside this is what I wish to do for a living. So, when I had this insight today on the mat, I understood it actually reflects my life! I’m not so balanced in my current life, how can I perform balancing asanas then? I understand what Swami Satyananda said on these asanas much clearer now.

My advice to you is to look at your practice, see where difficulties arise, try and reflect it on your current situation in life. Whether it is asana, pranayama or any other practice. Work on it, and see how things are getting better day by day, on the mat as well as off the mat.

This is by my opinion a way to connect Yoga and daily life. Not just practicing asanas or pranayama, but rather understanding the way it impacts one’s life.


Pranaams to all!


Picture credit: My brother Oliver Truthful Speech.

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Sadhana is a regular practice one is performing. Whether it be Yoga, Ayurveda or even your daily life and work. โ€‹โ€‹The importance is upon awareness during the sadhana.

Here you can see me chanting Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for a mala of 108,for the benefit of all!
Be blessed my followers.


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Atonement Day of the Jews through my perspective

Yesterday Atonement day was finished, I thought you will like to read my perspective on this holiday, through Yoga and Ayurveda.


Today, Jews all over the world will fast until tomorrow evening, this special day is called Atonement day. It is also called Judgement day.

On this day, we Jews fast in order to be forgiven for the sins and unlawful deeds we committed throughout the year, whether by deed or by thought. I will try and give my interpretation to this day, with the knowledge of Yoga.

First, why fast?
When we fast, our stomach is empty initially, which in Yoga is a good way to concentrate. It helps one concentrate better, and even more, understand what is hunger and thirst, in initial stages one can understand the processes the body is coping with during the fast. When one is fasting the mind is getting calm. And don’t forget, one may concentrate on hunger itself ๐Ÿ™‚.

Who are we asking forgiveness from?
Yes, true, we ask forgiveness from God. However, if one is looking at it properly, we are asking forgiveness from ourselves! We know exactly what we did, what faults we had committed, and how we treated others. So, we beg forgiveness from our selves (the closest to Brahman one may get).

So, you fast and that’s it?
Actually no. Forgiveness from God is the easier part, as God always forgives a true devotee. Asking forgiveness from one’s friends and family is regarded as higher, when comparing it to asking forgiveness from God.

In Ayurveda, we have a term called Prajnaparada. Prajnaparada is when one is committing an action against the intelligence and normal behaviour of the body (physically and mentally) and most important Nature. On Atonement day, I like to see it as a day to go thorough all these Prajnaparadas we created throughout the year, and ponder upon them. Understand what will bring us more closer to Nature, and of course out higher Nature – Brahman. It is a special day, as each one of us is looking into oneself, even the common man, who doesn’t even know about Yoga and meditation.

Lastly, I will ask forgiveness from all of you, if I did any wrong, whether by deed or thought. (And I am sure I did – I know ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

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Combining Ayurveda and Yoga

After reading the unique book by Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) named Tantric Yoga, about the spiritual secrets of Ayurveda, I came across this wonderful knowledge, which I thought will be of immense benefit to both practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda.

This table I have made, with Dr. Frawley’s knowledge, is showing the correlation between the chakras, the dhatus (or tissues) and more of the physical as well as the Pranic body. In my opinion, it is a must for us as practitioners of Ayurveda to acknowledge Yoga as a way of healing, and not less important a way to advance in spirituality. Yogic practitioners will definitely learn a lot from this table, how it relates to the body in Ayurvedic concepts and more.

A huge thank you goes to Dr. David Frawley for sharing this ancient wisdom with us all, I encourage you all to buy this book and learn it.




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Please read!

My latest post on my other blog, about my experience with Dr. Gaurang Joshi at his clinic in Rajkot Gujarat.

Rajkot and the Joshi Family

Hope you like it!

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A long time!

It has been a while since I have written an article here, and there is a reason for everything ๐Ÿ™‚

I am currently in India and not connected to the Internet so frequently as I am on the go.

Please feel free to check a blog I established for this adventure here:Ayurveda in India

Thank you,

Love and light to all

(In the picture: a shiv linga in a cave in Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India)


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